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Online Group Classes

Dr. Cammarata is currently providing free online group mindfulness meditation classes to our Mindfulness Travels community and others who are interested. Free online group Tai Chi and Qigong (mindful movement) classes are also being held. Although payment for these classes is not being requested, several participants have expressed a desire to make a donation to our classes. If you wish to donate, you may use the PayPal button below. You don’t need to sign up for PayPal to use it. Thank you for your generosity.

"I find that so much of what you describe in this process of Becoming hinges on me remembering to pause! I have done so much of this inner work over the many years, but the old automatic defenses and stories /the shadows keep hovering, unless I take a breath, watch with curiosity and make conscious choices to let go and be my Self and to others. Our Friday sangha, has helped me to be more mindful throughout my days, and I am grateful to you both and our time together as a community for supporting compassion and peace within and between."

J.M., Psychotherapist, Asheville, NC


Online Private Instruction and Consultation

Private one-on-one qigong and tai chi (mindful movement) classes and mindfulness meditation classes are currently being offered online. Please email Dr. Cammarata If you would like additional informationLinda Cammarata, RN, RYT is also offering educational consultations to individuals suffering from insomnia and sleep-related challenges. Please click on this link to learn more: Natural Sleep Solutions

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