Greece with Dr. Ron Siegel: October 2024

October 4-10, 2024

The Nature of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion


Dr. Ronald Siegel, Dr. Larry Cammarata, & Linda Cammarata, RYT, RN (retired)

Mimosa Retreat, Lefkada Island, Greece

Learn and explore within a friendly and supportive small group setting.

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Located on Lefkada Island, the Mimosa Retreat Centre is a serene, expansive Balinese-styled property set on beautiful grounds with a panoramic view toward the Ionian Sea. All bedrooms have an air-conditioning unit and WIFI. The villas are set amongst beautiful lush foliage and ancient olive trees. The retreat centre is nestled against the mountainside, with stunning views of many small Greek islands. Designed by famed Italian architect Giovanni Bellagamba, this residence is carefully planned to offer its occupants a unique experience through a meticulous blend of spacious rooms and ample vistas. The design of the property is distinctly Balinese where original custom-made Balinese doors, water features. and furniture have been used throughout. 

Lefkada is a beautiful island located in the Ionian Sea in western Greece. It is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and scenic landscapes that attract tourists from all over the world.

The beaches of Lefkada are considered some of the most beautiful in Greece, many of which offer breathtaking views of turquoise waters and rocky cliffs.The island is also characterized by its lush green forests, hills, and mountains, which make it a perfect destination for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. There are many well-maintained trails that offer an opportunity to explore the island's flora and fauna while enjoying magnificent views of the Ionian Sea.

The villages of Lefkada are characterized by traditional architecture, narrow streets, and colorful houses that reflect the island's rich culture and history. 

Apart from its natural beauty, Lefkada is also famous for its gastronomy, which is a blend of traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. 



For complete CE information for licensed mental health professionals, physicians, and nurses, please click on Educational Programs prior to registering. 

Overcoming Self Doubt, Shame, and Inadequacy with Dr. Ronald Siegel 

“Did I sound stupid?” “Should I have sent that email?” “How do I look?” Why do we—and our clients—spend so much time feeling self-conscious and comparing ourselves to others? Why do we struggle to live up to inner ideals or outer standards, only to regularly feel not good enough or ashamed of our shortcomings? The assumption that we can find lasting happiness by being more successful, likeable, attractive, intelligent, or morally above reproach is so woven into our biology and culture that few of us notice it’s not actually true. Sure, having success or otherwise getting to think highly of ourselves feels good—it just isn't long before we hit a bump in the road, lose the feeling and are left hungry for the next boost. Particularly in the age of Facebook and Instagram, we need a way to free ourselves and our clients from the anxiety, depression, addictions, and stress-related disorders that arise from continuous self-evaluation and social comparison. This experiential, interactive workshop will zero in on how we and our clients can use mindfulness, self-compassion, and related practices to step off the self-evaluation roller coaster. We’ll explore techniques to navigate failure, rejection, and shame, while developing stronger relationships and greater comfort with vulnerability— tailoring techniques to clients with both secure and challenged attachment histories and a wide variety of disorders. Rather than imagining that we or our clients can develop a single, stable, secure self, we’ll see how working with our ever-changing parts or sub-personalities can help us relate to all experiences—pleasant and unpleasant, everyday and traumatic—as opportunities to awaken, grow and heal. You’ll learn helpful practices for savoring ordinary present moments, connecting more deeply to others, and tasting the wonderful freedom that comes from everything no longer being about us. Each day will include a mix of experiential exercises, research, theory, and opportunities to connect with fellow participants. You’ll leave with practical tools to apply in your work, while feeling refreshed and renewed personally. 

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Mindful Movement for Self-Regulation with Dr. Larry Cammarata

This educational program integrates the application of mindfulness, mindful movement, and body awareness skills in the treatment of psychological and psychophysiological disorders. Mindful movement is an accessible body-centered mindfulness practice that may be of particular benefit to clients and patients who are challenged by the sitting required of many mindfulness practices. Mindful movement can be used as a standalone mindfulness practice or as a complement to seated meditation. The practice of mindful movement develops the ability to regulate the mind, body, and breath, which can reduce the symptoms and suffering associated with psychological conditions such as Anxiety Disorders and Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders. We will examine mindfulness, mindful movement, and client-directed body-oriented interventions designed to facilitate self-regulation, mood stabilization, enhanced concentration, and quality of life.

For a brief written introduction to mindful movement by Dr. Cammarata, please click on the following link:

Mindful Movement for Self-Regulation, Health, and Wellness


Educational Programs

Overcoming Self Doubt, Shame, and Inadequacy: Discovering the Extraordinary Gift of Being Ordinary with Dr. Ronald Siegel 

Mindful Movement for Self-Regulation: Evidence-Based Benefits and Clinical Applications with Dr. Larry Cammarata 

For complete CE information for licensed mental health professionals, physicians, and nurses, please click on Educational Programs prior to registering. 

Also included at the retreat

Beautiful accommodations with WIFI

All meals are included

Scheduled excursions to places of historical, cultural, and/or scenic interest

Yoga classes with Linda Cammarata, RYT, RN (retired)

Swim in the infinity swimming pool

Retreat Fee, Registration, and Contact Information

$ 3850: Per-person, double occupancy only (USD credit card; airfare not included)

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Registration and Payment: Please email Linda Cammarata to register. After registering, you may pay by credit card through an online invoice that will be emailed to you.

Questions? Email Linda Cammarata

Phone: 828-398-4680 

Photos of Mimosa Retreat and Teaching Team

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Relax while enjoying views of the Ionian Sea and surrounding mountains.


Discover spaces for personal meditation, contemplation, and inspiration.

If you’ve previously attended one of our retreats, then you know that we value flavorful, fresh, healthy food. The chefs at Mimosa Retreat showcase the very best of Greek and Mediterranean homestyle cooking by using local and organic produce wherever possible, drawing from an abundant choice of vegetables locally grown on the island and the surrounding area. The pescatarian / vegetarian menu will surely please.


All of the bedroom villas at Mimosa Retreat Centre have an air-conditioning unit, WIFI, a communal drinks fridge, a kettle and a hairdryer. Bath and pool towels are provided. Guests are gifted wtih toiletries that are all sourced in Greece. The bedrooms are cleaned daily.


SIEGEL Press PhotoRonald D. Siegel, Psy.D. is Assistant Professor of Psychology, Part Time, at Harvard Medical School. He is a long-time student of mindfulness meditation and serves on the Board of Directors and faculty of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy. He teaches internationally about the application of mindfulness practice in psychotherapy and other fields, and maintains a private clinical practice in Lincoln, Massachusetts. He is author of The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems, coeditor of Mindfulness and Psychotherapy and Wisdom and Compassion in Psychotherapy: Deepening Mindfulness in Clinical Practice, coauthor of Back Sense: A Revolutionary Approach to Halting the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain and Sitting Together: Essential Skills for Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, and author of the new book, The Extraordinary Gift of Being Ordinary: Finding Happiness Right Where You Are.

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Linda Cammarata, RYT, RN (retired) is a Registered Yoga Teacher and retired Registered Nurse who specializes in applying mind-body practices of self-regulation to stress, mood, and sleep health. She is the Founder and Director of Mindfulness Travels and Natural Sleep Recovery. Linda has designed and presented wellness programs at world renowned spas in the US and internationally. She integrates mindfulness, gentle yoga, qigong, and contemporary science into her teachings. Her professional experience spans over 30 years in tradtional and complementary healthcare and wellness settings. 

Larry Cammarata, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who specializes in mindfulness-based therapy and education, including the  science and practice of mindful movement. He is the Director of Education of Mindfulness Travels and is also the Director of Training for East Bay Mindfulness Center. Larry is also an instructor of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong who has received advanced training in China and in the US. He was designated as an "Author-Expert" by IDEA for his writing, teaching, and service in the field of mid-body health, fitness, and wellness. His mindful movement work was presented at the 11th Annual International Scientific Conference of the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine.

For more information or to register, please email Linda or call 828-398-4680. Thank you.

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