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Transform your sleep to cultivate greater health and wellbeing.

Natural Sleep Recovery includes research-validated methods that support healthy, restorative sleep. Our integrative approach provides a science-based understanding of the internal and external conditions that lead to deep sleep. We are committed to teaching practical, easy-to-learn skills founded upon the biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors that facilitate deep sleep.    

Linda Cammarata, RYT, RN (retired) provides educational consultations and workshops to individuals seeking to recover from chronic insomnia and other sleep-related problems. Linda utilizes research-validated methods integrating mindfulness, mindful movement, cognitive-behavioral psychology, and the science of sleep. Along with Larry Cammarata, Ph.D., Linda also provides sleep health education to organizations, wellness centers, and training programs.

"What a relief and a blessing to - with the following of your simple suggestions- be sleeping so well. First piece usually 4 - 5 hours. Then quickly back for another 2-3 hours.  Before I felt lucky to put 2 hours together. Lots of amber lights. Blue light blocking glasses starting at 6:30. Etc., etc. Pitch dark room and no dogs allowed! After dinner gentle yoga 30 minutes. Shower. Small snack. Bed. Your loving expertise when I needed it most!" 

E.R., Tai Chi Instructor


Individuals and organizations are invited to email or call Linda Cammarata, RYT, RN (retired) at 828-398-4680 for additional information about our work. Linda is currently available for individual consultations.

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Please click the play button below for an audio program designed to support restorative sleep.This program is presented by sleep educator Linda Cammarata, RYT, RN (retired) and is for educational purposes only. It is not used to diagnose, treat or cure any health disorder. Please consult with your healthcare provider whenever your health is in question or if you have a desire to make any changes related to your current treatment.

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