Portugal with Gray Caws: June 2023

June 17 - 23, 2023

Ponte de Lima, Portugal


Dr. Larry Cammarata, Linda Cammarata, RYT

and special guest teacher Gray Caws

Learn and explore within a friendly and supportive small group setting.

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Ponte de Lima is one of the oldest towns in Portugal, and predates the establishment of the country. Of all the towns in Europe we have ever visited, we have spent the most time in Ponte de Lima, a place of exquisite natural scenery, beautiful gardens, a charming village, culture, and warm-hearted people. Complementing its relaxed ambience, Ponte de Lima is a health and wellness-oriented destination where you will see kayakers, runners, hikers, walkers, bicyclists, and enchanted nature lovers enjoying the activities along the Lima River. An iconic medieval/Roman pedestrian bridge in the center of town connects to the Caminho Português de Santiago and a trail system along the Lima River known as the Ecovia. A popular travel destination, Ponte de Lima is in close proximity to the world-class cities of Braga and Porto, in the north of Portugal.

Our retreat setting is the elegantly beautiful Paço de Vitorino, a former palace (pictured above) that offers a variety of cultural and leisure activities due to the proximity of the Lima River with its extensive trails, the Atlantic Ocean, the surrounding mountains, and the Caminhos de Santiago. The Paço de Vitorino originated in the 16th century, and was completely reconstructed in the 18th century. During 2015, it was fully modernized with WIFI and a saltwater swimming pool. The first owners of this mansion were the Portuguese explorer Captain António Ramos and the Incan princess Catarina Capac Yupanqui. 


For complete CE information for licensed mental health professionals, physicians, and nurses, please click on Educational Programs prior to registering. 

Mindful Movement for Self-Regulation with Dr. Larry Cammarata

This educational program integrates the application of mindfulness, mindful movement, and body awareness skills in the treatment of psychological and psychophysiological disorders. Mindful movement is an accessible body-centered mindfulness practice that may be of particular benefit to clients and patients who are challenged by the sitting required of many mindfulness practices. Mindful movement can be used as a standalone mindfulness practice or as a complement to seated meditation. The practice of mindful movement develops the ability to regulate the mind, body, and breath, which can reduce the symptoms and suffering associated with psychological conditions such as Anxiety Disorders and Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders. We will examine mindfulness, mindful movement, and client-directed body-oriented interventions designed to facilitate self-regulation, mood stabilization, enhanced concentration, and quality of life.

Ease into Being: Functional Movement and Breathwork with Gray Caws (non-CE course)

This training will feature Gray’s extensive knowledge and experience with functional movement and Oxygen Advantage breathwork in a format that will be accessible to everyone. With the understanding that, “If breathing is not normalized, no other movement pattern can be (Karel Lewit)”, you will explore the physiology and biomechanics of breathing, which are integral to health, wellbeing, and vitality. These teachings will be put into practice through playful functional movement, pandiculation (gentle stretching), strength work, and simple qigong (mindful movement) patterns specifically designed for walking, hiking, and—if you feel so inclined—running with ease rather than effort.


Educational Programs

Mindful Movement for Self-Regulation: Evidence-Based Benefits and Clinical Applications with Dr. Larry Cammarata 

Ease into Being: Functional Movement and Breathwork with Gray Caws (non-CE course)

For complete CE information for licensed mental health professionals, physicians, and nurses, please click on Educational Programs prior to registering. 

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Beautiful accommodations with WIFI

Most meals included

Scheduled excursions to places of historical, cultural, and/or scenic interest

Yoga classes with Linda Cammarata, RYT

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$ 3250: Double occupancy (USD credit card, per person, double occupancy; airfare not included)

$ 3550: Single occupancy (USD credit card, per person, space is limited for single occupancy; airfare not included)

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Larry Cammarata, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who specializes in mindfulness-based therapy and education, including the science and practice of mindful movement. He is the Director of Education of Mindfulness Travels and is also the Director of Training for East Bay Mindfulness Center. Larry is also an instructor of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong who has received advanced training in China and in the US. He was designated as an "Author-Expert" by IDEA for his writing, teaching, and service in the field of mid-body health, fitness, and wellness. His mindful movement work was presented at the 11th Annual International Scientific Conference of the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine.

Linda Cammarata, RYT, RN (retired) is a Registered Yoga Teacher and retired Registered Nurse who specializes in applying mind-body practices of self-regulation to stress, mood, and sleep health. She is the Founder and Director of Mindfulness Travels and Natural Sleep Recovery. Linda has designed and presented wellness programs at world renowned spas in the US and internationally. She integrates mindfulness, gentle yoga, qigong, and contemporary science into her teachings. Her professional experience spans over 30 years in tradtional and complementary healthcare and wellness settings.


Gray Caws is a Master Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Coach and Buteyko Practitioner, having trained with Patrick McKeown in 2016. He is also a teacher of Qigong, trained by Lee Holden and mentored by Dr. Larry Cammarata. Gray has been working in health and wellbeing since 2012, swapping a career in graphic design to become a Specialist Personal Trainer and Running Coach. He currently coaches breathwork, Qigong, walking, running, and mindful functional movement – working with individuals and small groups in-person, online, and on adventure holidays and retreats. Having founded Adventures In Movement & Breath in 2015, he now runs the AIM Coaches Teacher Training Programme alongside the Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training Programme. 


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pacovitorino mata capa

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The gentle and scenic Ecovia river trail is within walking distance from our accommodation, and provides access to the old town of Ponte de Lima, with places for contemplation and meditation along the way.

IMG 8664

The town of Ponte de Lima offers many historical and cultural remembrances in the forms of statues, stories, and poems. You will surely be charmed by what you discover here.

IMG 8457

The village of Sistelo has been recognized as one of the “Seven Wonders of Portugal”, and is nicknamed the “Little Portuguese Tibet”.

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Click the play button below for an introduction to the nearby city of Guimarães. Considered the birthplace of Portugal, this city was named the European Capital of Culture in 2012. The historic town center is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Northern Portugal is extraordinarily scenic. 

Here is a brief video about the nearby Peneda-Gerês National Park:

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