"I had the opportunity to join Linda and Larry Cammarata (L & L) with guest co-facilitator Dr. Ron Siegel for a Mindfulness Retreat in Costa Rica. L & L are skillful event planners and organizers starting with the location choice of an eco-lodge in Costa Rica. Daily itineraries showed attention to detail and included a rich blend of activities supporting mindfulness practices. They demonstrated flexibility in making adjustments as the needs of participants evolved.  I wanted to share these thoughts because as travelers know, logistical problems can spoil an otherwise potentially wonderful experience. L & L create sacred space. I experienced awe, grace, humility, gratefulness, gentleness, kindness, connection, surprise, and laughter. I would characterize it as soul laughter. We were asked to consider identifying an intention for the week. I rested in “reclaiming my joy”. During a walking meditation the last day of the retreat, a song showed up in my head and would not be silenced, the theme song from Top Gun, Highway to the Danger Zone. I’ve never even seen the movie.  When Mary Oliver asks, 'Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?' I would suggest you consider getting to know Larry and Linda through one of their adventures." 

Kay, Chicago

"How can I begin to express my appreciation for my latest Mindfulness Travel experience? With the beauty of the flowers, birds, animals, and ocean waters of Costa Rica as a backdrop Linda and Larry Cammarata created a mindfulness retreat that engaged both my body and mind. Linda organized and tended to every detail and offered wonderful yoga sessions, while Larry helped us begin each day with thought provoking ideas and trained us all in the centering movements of Qi Gong. The daily meditation experiences along with the insightful and interesting perspectives presented by Ron Siegel with his highly informative and humorous style left me filled with ideas about the importance of mindfulness practice in my personal life and my work as a psychologist.

Getting to know and share experiences with a wonderful group of participants from all over the world was also quite special. My thanks to one and all."

G.A., Psychologist


“The greatest highlight was spending time with Larry and Linda and the other participants. I loved the mountains, conversation, mindfulness, the Buddhist and Father Temples, flowers, trees and monkeys. The roadside chickens were a kick and the snorkeling expedition was wonderful. Thank you for the chance to experience Bali through your eyes.” 

A. A., MD & S. J., Canada

"In Bali I was able to detach from western ways allowing exploration of my own spirituality in the context of the loving Balinese culture.  During the retreat, I felt I could nurture and grow my own spirituality in the safe and supportive spaces that were created, which allowed me to reconnect with my creative and powerful self while being more mindful of my health.  Equally important are the new and old friends that shared the journey—a truly life-shifting experience. " Christina Waters, PhD, MBA  

“Wonderfully ‘rejuvenated’ and ‘mindfully’ educated are the words that come to mind when we think of our time in Bali with Linda, Larry and the team.” 

J. D., Wisconsin

"I really enjoyed my whole stay and all these aspects. Your attention to our needs and your listening and great empathy have done me a lot of good. I felt like I was filling up with energy physically and morally. I think your approach and your ways are exceptional especially your great authenticity. Thank you for your generosity in terms of time, advice and sharing your experience. It is a privilege for me to know you and to have the opportunity to share with you this type of moment.”

E.R.G., MD, Canada (customized Asheville retreat)

"They were great facilitators and we both learned a lot about the importance of ‘connection' in a relationship. Their teaching style is very down to earth and easy to understand. The second day we got to do some exercises to put what we had learned into practice, which was really great. Aside from being wonderful facilitators, Linda and Larry are also a lot of fun to be around and the food Linda makes is gourmet to say the least.  I would highly recommend this to couples who have been together for a short time and also for couples who have been together many years. I feel better able to connect with my partner after having attended the weekend and that is a huge benefit."

R., Asheville, NC

"I have referred about 4 people so far, to your website, telling them about…the retreats I have attended, as well as, about the others offered. You and Linda have created something truly rare, and deeply valuable. It can help change an individual’s entire way of being in the world. And, oh does the world need many more of us. After learning Qigong at the retreat, I am in love with Qigong. I realize my sense of time, while in Sugar Beach, was so present. I never thought about how many days were left, or what life would be after—I was just there-—with myself and each of the individuals in our group. Thank you again for such a beautiful experience." 

C.C., Psychotherapist, CA

"I have had the opportunity to join Larry and Linda for more than one of their Mindfulness Retreats with and without a third facilitator. Each retreat has been remarkable. Facilitators are at the top of their fields. There are opportunities to expand one’s inner work and/or clinical practices, relish a spirit of adventure, and enjoy cultural immersion and appreciation. Lovely accommodations are chosen thoughtfully to support the overall intentions of the retreat. Culturally inspired gourmet meals are served. Because retreatants typically share some common values, a supportive sense of community emerges. You will be graciously welcomed whether you are traveling alone or in the company of companion(s). I travel alone and have roomed with kind and thoughtful people."

Solo Female Traveler

"Words cannot begin to describe the magical and adventurous Qigong/Yoga retreat that I attended in Croatia, run by Linda and Larry Cammarata. Their welcoming presence, knowledge/skill of their craft and playful nature set the tone for this beautiful retreat experience in Croatia. Our days were filled with Qigong/Yoga/Meditation and amazing excursions all over Hvar Island that our host provided. The intimacy of our small group allowed for a unique and personal experience. The retreat center offered lovely accommodations and delicious home cooked vegetarian meals. I am already planning my next retreat with Linda and Larry, just cannot decide which amazing retreat/location to attend!"


"I cannot put into accurate words how meaningful the Assisi seminar was both on a personal and professional level. You and Larry are such fluid examples of 'global citizens', your practice and facilitation demonstrate such loving beauty.  Thank you for the inspiration to live my truth, take my seat at the table of mindful psychotherapists, and trust that which is fluid within me. We have much to digest in the richness of the seminar. We have grown as individuals, which has allowed our relationship to awaken.” 


"Thank you Larry and Linda...I appreciate...the care, commitment and beautiful tending you did for all of us on the Assisi retreat. I found it perfect for this next moment in my life......and it will continue to enrich my life and the lives of those folks I work with.”

G.T., Spiritual Director 


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